Management Gruppe


TMG Automation GmbH

Unternehmensberatung für

Entwicklung und Kosten


Automation Design & Engineering

Planning, Project- and Specialist Counselling for Automatisation Technique and IT Connections.

Our Services:

Plannung / Concept Creation

In intercisciplinary teams we structure

and detail the definition of the project

togehter with you and develop the

requirements of the procedural process

of your machine or plant.

We consider

  • Efficiency

  • Market Requirements

  • Dead Lines

  • Reusability

  • Expandability for later Options and Market Requirements

  • Introduction of innovative Technology

Realisation / Coaching

We support you in your development

projects in the field of software design for

application and control systems on network, 

PC, CNC and PLC programming of various 

control system and network technology 


Our support service spans from cooperation

to complete management, execution and


Our experienced developers master not only

the most modern software tools, but possess

also necessary process know how of the 

machine and plant.

Cycletime Optimisation

We develop a cost benefit analysis

together with you and describe in the

specifications the sensible changes of 

the overall system.  

We analyse the floew of the whole plant 

or machine and establish detailed 

solution suggestions for the cycletime


We reduce the commissioning time of 

the control software as well as the HMI 

through the selective use of simulation 

tools already in the programming phase

in sense of a „Simultaneous Engineering“.